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Mr. Knox in Uniform with the Seabees

Mr. Knox in Uniform with the Seabees

Roy Knox came to Newnan in 1949 to work with Lindsay Barron Electric and Plumbing Company. When he got his paychecks, he would head to The Manufacturers National Bank. This is where he met his future wife, Virginia. She was a teller and he always made sure to get in her line, and she always made sure to wear her best dress on Fridays. Roy and Virginia were married in 1950 and four children came soon after.  

The 1950s was a time of rapid growth in the city of Newnan and Mr. Knox used his skills and work ethic he gained while in the Navy with the Seabees to provide a much needed service in the bustling construction business. Eventually, he decided to branch out on his own and open up shop for himself. In 1955 he opened the doors of Coweta Contracting. Initially his business plan was to sell contracting supplies and services to cater to the expanding city and its community. The store has evolved quite a bit over time! The store would become known later as “Knox Company.”

After a brief stint in a smaller building downtown, Knox Company Inc., then known as "Coweta Contractors" moved to their current location at 75 Greenville Street.

After a brief stint in a smaller building downtown, Knox Company Inc., then known as "Coweta Contractors" moved to their current location at 75 Greenville Street.

Roy Sr. was very proud of his motto, “Our Family Serving Your Family.” His wife was more than just a supportive housewife and his children were not passive in Knox Company’s growth; “Mrs. Virginia” was constantly helping anywhere she could. Eventually, all four of their children - Roy Jr., Mark, Jan, and Jill - took on roles in the store. They each learned different areas; Roy Jr. and Mark in particular took on management roles after working deliveries, sales, and learning the ins and outs of how their parents did business. Jan, Jill, and even several of the Knox grandchildren have been part of the sales, delivery, and other behind-the-scenes parts of the team. Mark has eventually taken over as owner, but even now, the store has consistent participation from family members.

Though both Roy Sr. and Virginia have passed, their legacy lives on in the store. Roy Sr. always wanted to make sure that his customers had the best quality product possible, and Mark also strives to keep this concept alive. Knox & Panoply still work exclusively with vendors that live up to these high standards. Another important value that the store maintains is that all customers are to be treated with respect and kindness- as if they are an extension of the family.

Knox Company Inc. has evolved and expanded over the years. In time, contracting supplies, TVs, and appliances all dropped off the inventory. Management rebranded and focused only on home furnishings and accessories. With its 65,000 square foot facility, it’s the largest family-operated furniture business in the area.

In 2015, Knox Furniture celebrated 60 years of business and took in a new member of the family. Martha Ann Parks of Panoply Interior Design, another well respected business in Newnan, joined forces with Mark, and added an awesome new service to the business.

Better Together - Knox & Panoply

Knox & Panoply is a one-stop-shop when it comes to all of your home furnishing and interior design needs. Of course, you will be able to find all those high-quality furnishings that will last your lifetime and beyond. Though sometimes just adding a new sofa won’t do the trick. Whether your project is large or small, Martha Ann can help you decide what is needed to create rooms that are beyond your expectations.

Knox Co. has always had a knowledgeable sales team and high caliber merchandise at reasonable prices, but now Knox & Panoply are offering unbeatable products and services all under one roof. Knox & Panoply is just as strong now as it has ever been. By updating and diversifying the showroom, the store has become a fun place to shop and dream.

When a business has been open for over 60 years, things are bound to evolve and change. This new collaboration has brought fresh air into the business and the store will continue on this road. Management plans to hire more designers and salespeople as the company grows. Knox & Panoply has the experience on both sides of the business to ensure that its doors stay open for years to come.