New bedding selections now on display in our showrooms

You might be surprised to learn that while you’re admiring all the great new furniture selections at Knox and Panoply, you can shop our showrooms for bedding and accessories as well. In recent months, we’ve been adding lots more new bedding choices, including bedspreads, coverlets, shams and decorative pillows. So yes, you can definitely take the bed home with you, but the bedding and accessories are available as well.

Here are some of the latest tips that design experts say will help you when shopping for bedding:

Don’t be afraid to splurge! Experts say not to skimp on bedding, and luxurious bedding and linens will help you enjoy those precious hours of sleep even more.

Mix patterns and styles. Just as we’ve combined geometric and floral prints here, a careful mix of patterns will add interest to the look of your bedding. Pillows can be switched out regularly, even seasonally, to help you update the look without having to purchase all new bedding.

Consider texture. A cozy wool throw, a velvety accent pillow, and a crisp, monogrammed sham are just a few examples of the different ways to add color and texture to your bedding.

This weathered panel bed gets an upscale treatment with bedding in the popular turquoise and brown color palette, and the geometric and floral prints of the pillows are very on trend. If you’d like to browse more of today’s most fashionable choices in bedding, rugs, lamps, and other home decor, stop by Knox and Panoply and we’ll be happy to show you more.