Tips for selecting a new rug

When it’s time to add or replace a rug in your home, experts advise purchasing the best rug you can afford, even if that means living without one for a while as you save your money. Natural materials such as wool and silk are wise choices, and a quality rug will last a long time and be a good investment. Here are some other considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a new rug.

• Start with a floor plan. Take measurements for the space you are decorating, and know exactly what size of rug you are looking for.

• Be open to different shapes of rug. While rectangular rugs are most popular, octagonal and circular rugs can add a nice touch to a room as well. Also, don’t forget that runners are good choices for high-traffic areas such as hallways.

• Coordinate color and pattern with the room’s decor. Although the colors in a rug do not have to match a room exactly, at least one color should coordinate. Lighter colored rugs can make a room seem more spacious, while darker rugs can help create a sense of intimacy in a room.

If you need help selecting a rug or would like to see some rug samples, give us a call at Panoply Interior Design or come visit us at Knox Furniture in Newnan and we’ll be glad to assist you.