Tips for using mirrors and mirrored pieces in your home

 Mirrored furnishings at Knox and Panoply

Mirrored furnishings at Knox and Panoply

They reflect the light. They make a space look larger. They add style. And today, mirrors are being combined in fresh, new ways to add elegance and fashion to homes both large and small. A recent grouping here at Knox and Panoply featured a Golden Peacock wall mirror from Uttermost and a mirrored Bowfront Chest from Steinworld. The great thing about mirrored pieces is that they can be used in contemporary spaces as well as more traditional ones.


If you’d like to make some mirrored additions to your home, here are some tips to consider.


• Think about what will be reflected in the mirrored piece. Whether it’s a wall mirror or a mirrored chest, make sure that reflection is something you want to see. Is the pattern or lighting something you’ll be pleased seeing reflected in your mirror or mirrored furniture? 


• A mirrored table can be used to capture the sparkle of lighting. Whether it’s a dining room chandelier or simply the soft light of a pretty table lamp, reflected light can be used to transform the mood of a room.


• A carefully chosen piece or two of mirrored furniture is plenty. A whole room full of mirrored furniture would be over-the-top trendy, but just a few well-selected pieces are enough to add the perfect touch of style.


To see more mirrors and mirrored furnishings, come visit our showrooms at Knox and Panoply.