Round cocktail tables offer a fresh new look in home decor

 Round Cocktail Table from Stein World

Round Cocktail Table from Stein World

While square and rectangular cocktail tables are the norm in many furniture groupings, a round cocktail table can provide a welcome change and lends itself to a variety of fresh uses in the home. One of the round cocktail tables we recently featured at Knox and Panoply was this stylish piece from Stein World, a solid wood table with round bun feet, circular accented sides, and a bold, contemporary look. It measures 30 inches wide, 30 inches deep and 18 inches high.


Here are some ideas for using a round cocktail table in your home:


• In the living room, use a round cocktail table and four upholstered chairs to create an inviting seating arrangement where each person can easily see everyone else.


• To create a larger version of the traditional cocktail table, use two round cocktail tables together, perhaps varying the heights to create interest.


• A round cocktail table can also be a welcome accent piece to use in entertainment rooms, such as a movie-viewing area in the basement or media room.


If you’d like to see more of the latest cocktail table styles, stop by our showrooms at Knox and Panoply and let us show you more.