New Sunbrella Fabrics ‘Shift’ Design Aesthetics

 Sunbrella Shift Collection fabrics (photo courtesy of Sunbrella)

Sunbrella Shift Collection fabrics (photo courtesy of Sunbrella)

Designed to be mixed and matched, the new Sunbrella Shift Collection by Glen Raven Custom Fabrics debuts six classic designs interpreted in a contemporary fashion. These fabrics cleverly layer texture, color and pattern, fusing traditional pattern with modern styling.

“One of the strongest trends in the market today is the use of opposing forces,” said Greg Voorhis, design director for Glen Raven. “You see old contrasted with new, light with dark, shiny with matte, natural with man-made. We considered all of these opposing forces in creating this collection, and as a whole, it can be seen how we ‘shift’ through these various elements from each pattern and colorway to the next.”

Spotlight, a new solid fabric, is available in 12 colorways  ranging from basic neutrals to vibrant hues. Using PVC yarn, the fabric’s surface reveals a subtle glimmer of metallic sheen.

Loft is a chenille pattern available in 12 colorways from classic neutrals to deep jewel tones. This textile showcases the soft hand of today’s high-performance fabrics.

Escapade is a multicolored stripe with a textural background and bright multicolored accents. This subtle stripe is ideal for pairing with bolder patterns in this collection.

Connect, a classic plaid pattern with a modern makeover, is featured in sophisticated neutral hues and complementing bright colorations. This playful fabric gives the appearance of stripes on the reverse.

Integrated is a two-color geometric pattern mixing neutral matte colors with a subtle metallic accent. This fabric features PVC yarns for a juxtaposition of muted and shiny.

Radiant uses the sheen of a metallic with soft, subtle color. This large-scale pattern is perfectly suited to decorative pillows and accent upholstery.

Fabrics in the Shift Collection meet industry standards for use in high-traffic areas, so they are suitable not only for residential indoor and outdoor applications but also for hospitality. To learn more about Sunbrella’s new Shift Collection, give us a call at 770-251-4557.