Let children help design their own colorful, creative spaces

 Children's furnishings at Knox and Panoply

Children's furnishings at Knox and Panoply

Now that kids are out of school for the summer, it might be a good time to think about brightening up their bedrooms! At Knox and Panoply, we have a great selection of beds, nightstands, chests and other furnishings perfect for a child’s room, and the displays in our showroom will give you lots of ideas about how to create a cheerful, welcoming space for your child.


From day beds and sleigh beds to four-poster beds, bunk beds and more, children’s beds come in a vast array of styles today. You can also involve children in the design of a room by letting them have a say in color choices and selecting—or perhaps even creating—the artwork.


Here are some of the latest creative ideas for kids’ rooms:

• Display their collections. If your child collects autographed baseballs, books, dolls or any other item, include a console in the room to allow them to display their treasures.

• Decorate with books. Parents like to encourage reading, and decorating with children’s books on some inexpensive shelving is a budget-friendly way to add color and style to a child’s room.

 • Hang a map as artwork. Large maps are perfect for hanging in a child’s room, and this is also a great way to have your child point out places the family has visited over the years. It can also be fun to locate a map of a specific place that is special to him or her.


To get more ideas for decorating children’s spaces, stop by Knox and Panoply and let our staff show you some of the latest furnishings and artwork for children’s rooms.