Cabinetry trends: Light neutrals, contemporary style, rustic modern

 Contemporary style cabinets in a kitchen designed by Panoply

Contemporary style cabinets in a kitchen designed by Panoply

According to a recent article in Professional Remodeler magazine, the top three cabinetry trends today are light neutrals, contemporary style and rustic modern. 


Light neutrals. According to the article by Ingrid Bush, white is still a strong color choice, as are neutrals, with gray gaining in popularity as a “new neutral.” We’ve seen that gray continues to be a popular choice in everything from furniture and rugs to paint color for walls.


Contemporary style. “Even in more traditional markets,” the article says, “modern styling, such as slab and Shaker doors, is growing in popularity, reflecting a preference for less molding and a sleeker aesthetic.”


Rustic modern. Designers and homeowners are blending materials and textures in today’s cabinetry, even using rustic accents such as reclaimed wood.


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